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BoldChess is an online chess academy and chess hub for playing, learning, and analyzing chess.

    • Learn chess properly from the best grandmasters of the game.
    • Solve tactics and chess puzzles while competing with other players around the world.
    • Play against the computer according to your own level or challenge players online.
    • Complete board analysis with the latest version of the best chess engine in the world (Stockfish). Our modern chess responsive app that works everywhere, allows you to analyze your games, import positions, check evaluations, revise openings, and much more!
    • Chess database and chess openings explorer are available for you to improve your games.
    • Watch the top live chess tournaments and learn from the masters.

    • Check the latest and most recommended chess resources, boards, engines, and news all from one place. is a project by Labinator. The website is currently under the supervision of the international master Luis Marcos Medarde Santiago.

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