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  • Chessbase 17: the amazing new Search function November 24, 2022
    The new Chessbase 17 is out, and among the numerous new features is the completely revamped Search function. On the surface this might not sound terribly exciting, but the proof is in the pudding, and when you see it in action you will understand. Check out this article and video to see what the fuss […]
  • World Teams: Spain, India, China and Uzbekistan in semis November 24, 2022
    The quarterfinals of the World Team Championship were played on Wednesday at the Dan Hotel in Jerusalem. One of the four matches was decided in tiebreaks, with India beating France in blitz to get a spot in the semis. China, Spain and Uzbekistan, on their part, knocked out Poland, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, respectively. | Pictured: […]
  • Carlsen in the endgame November 23, 2022
    The highlight of the Meltwater competition was of course the presence of Magnus Carlsen, and he did not disappoint as he showed off his endgame skills in game after game. They may not have all ended in resounding victories but every one of them was a lesson.
  • Game of the Week #543: Duda vs Giri November 23, 2022
    In his “Game of the Week” show #543 Merijn van Delft looks at a recently played brilliancy: Jan-Krzysztof Duda's spectacular win against Anish Giri at the finals of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. | Merijn’s show is available on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a Premium account here.
  • Yesterday's Live Stream with the Developers of ChessBase 17 November 23, 2022
    ChessBase 17 is available now, and the amount of new options are immense. The four ChessBase developers Lutz Nebe, Mathias Feist, Jeroen van den Belt, and Matthias Wuellenweber shared their screens on a special discount day live stream, presented us all new features in detail, and answered questions from the chat. Whoever missed the stream […]
  • ‘Strongest field ever’ at 85th edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament November 23, 2022
    With both the number one and number two in the world (Magnus Carlsen and Ding Liren), five top 10 players and a total of eight top 20 players, the Masters of the jubilee edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament has a very strong field of participants. The 85th edition promises to be a wonderful […]
  • What's new in ChessBase 17: Livestream with the developers November 23, 2022
    What's new in ChessBase 17? The ChessBase developers Matthias Wüllenweber, Mathias Feist, Lutz Nebe and Jeroen van Belt show in conversation with Arne Kähler why the new ChessBase is indispensable for every ambitious chess lover. Live from 4 pm. At the end of the live show, Robert Ris reports on how he will use the […]
  • World Teams: Poland edges out Israel November 23, 2022
    Day 3 of the World Team Championships saw four teams leaving the competition as the preliminaries came to an end in Jerusalem. South Africa and the Netherlands did not make it through in Pool A, while Israel and the United States were eliminated in Pool B. Poland barely qualified, after tying in match points and […]
  • Laurent Fressinet wins the 20th Capechecs Trophy! November 22, 2022
    From 26th October to 3rd of November 2022 the 20th edition of the Capechecs chess festival took place in Cap d’Agde in France. A total of 879 players fought in the different tournaments, from the famous Capechecs Trophy to various open tournaments for players of all strength. The Trophy was won by GM Laurent Fressinet […]
  • Carlsen meets the nephew of Bobby Fischer November 22, 2022
    The Meltwater Champions Chess Final in San Francisco was visited by a chess fan whose uncle is a legend in the chess world: Bobby Fischer. Nicholas Targ, son of Joan Fischer Targ, the sister of Bobby Fischer, came to visit the tournament and met Magnus Carlsen. In a short interview with Tania Sachdev Nicholas Targ […]
  • Endgame tactics November 22, 2022
    In the diagram position it is Black to move and win. Do you see how? But be careful: Black's winning idea might be obvious but Black has to calculate precisely.
  • The amazing world of ChessBase 17 November 22, 2022
    This is not just an update of the standard program that everybody uses – from rank amateurs to tournament players all the way up to world champions. Today we would like you to tell you about the major features of the new version, ChessBase 17: the improved analysis functions, data format, search mask and the […]
  • World Teams: China still perfect, Uzbekistan has a great day November 22, 2022
    Two more rounds of the preliminaries were played on Monday at the World Team Chess Championship in Jerusalem. With one round to go, a number of teams have already secured a spot in the quarterfinals. However, there is plenty to fight for still, especially in Pool B, where even the US — currently in last […]
  • Global Chess endgame gems November 21, 2022
    The Global Chess Championship saw some scintillating action by the top players which led to some equally exciting endgames. The players showed their standard by tendering attractive traps and avoiding them and resident expert Karsten Mueller has the story.
  • Endgame Magic #215 with Christian Bauer November 21, 2022
    In the Endgame Magic Show #215 Karsten Müller and French GM Christian Bauer look at endgame highlights from the Global Chess Championship and the finals of the Meltwater Chess Champions Tour. | You can watch the Endgame Magic Show on-demand with a ChessBase Premium account.
  • Just one day left… November 21, 2022
    ...until ChessBase 17 is released! Be prepared for some very exciting news. The new program is not just a routine update – it brings you revolutionary features that take us to a new dimension in chess training. The release will be announced on Tuesday, and you will be able to order it at a premium […]
  • World Teams: Three squads get back-to-back wins November 21, 2022
    The World Team Chess Championship kicked off in Jerusalem on Sunday. With a new ‘slow rapid’ format, the event saw the teams from each of the two pools playing two matches on the first day of action. Pool A saw China and Ukraine winning both their matches, while only Azerbaijan managed the same feat in […]
  • Meltwater Finals: So and Le reach the podium November 21, 2022
    Magnus Carlsen had secured first place with a round to spare at the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals, but nonetheless finished the tournament with a seventh straight win in San Francisco. Carlsen’s win over Jan-Krzysztof Duda allowed Le Quang Liem to climb to third place thanks to a victory over Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Wesley So, who […]
  • Meltwater Champions Tour Finals - Games and standings November 20, 2022
    The Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals was a seven-day long all-play-all round robin in San Francisco which started on November 14 and concluded on November 20. Eight elite chess stars took part in the third and final major of the tour, including Magnus Carlsen, Wesley So and Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa. | Replay all the games from […]
  • A story of no Os November 20, 2022
    At a tournament organized by the Grandmaster Association in Reykjavík back in 1988, there was no security in the snack area. Inevitably, this prompted interest in Garry Kasparov’s snacks: Toblerones. In fact, there was a massive temptation to half-inch the odd piece of his numinous nutrition. There was a crucial proviso, though. The pieces of […]
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  • Settlement Reached in Stockfish v ChessBase November 21, 2022
    In July of 2021 we reported that legal proceedings had begun between the developers of Stockfish, the world’s strongest chess engine, and Chessbase GmbH, developers of various popular chess software. After more than a year of wrangling, that lawsuit has now come to an end with the parties agreeing to a settlement.  Per the agreement, […]
  • KontraJako narrowly wins TA Arena ahead of mutdpro, MatthewG-p4p November 8, 2022
    And why Sergei Zhigalko's epic near-comeback might have been the story of the tournamentThe anonymous Grandmaster "Kontrajako" edged out mutdpro (GM Minh Le Tuan) in last Saturday's Titled Arena with MatthewG-p4p (IM Matvey Galchenko) coming in third (an auspicious result for the young Russian International Master). The top two places were decided in the final […]
  • Lichess Recruits Full-Time Mobile Developer November 5, 2022
    In some our recent updates, we shared Lichess' future plans. With an eye on our future, we have exciting news!Because of our community's generosity, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve hired a full-time mobile developer to work on the Lichess mobile applications available on iOS and Android, starting from 1 November 2022. The number of […]
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  • Taking Lichess to the Next Level October 28, 2022
     Our current setup and our future plansLast month, we published a blog about Lichess’s charity nonprofit status. In this post, we want to dive deeper into Lichess’s history, how we’re currently set up, and our plans for the future.Between 2010 and 2016, virtually all of Lichess’s costs were covered by Lichess’s founder and main developer […]
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  • Bortnyk victorious after NM ZugAddict somehow fails to win October TA October 16, 2022
    Dozens of followers distraughtIn a month full of surprises and controversy in the world of chess, yet another bombshell failed to occur when National Master John Chernoff (ZugAddict on was at no point a significant factor in yesterday's Titled Arena, finishing 141st out of 366 participants. When asked by absolutely no one to explain […]
  • Lichess Qualifiers Send Nakamura and Abdusattorov to World Fischer Random Championship October 7, 2022
    306,296 games. 20,171,017 moves. 73,000+ entries to the Lichess qualifiers. Two winners — GM Hikaru Nakamura and GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov.Both Hikaru Nakamura and Nodirbek Abdusattorov were players awarded wildcards from co-organisers; Nakamura’s from the Charlotte Chess Center and North American Corporate Chess League and Abdusattorov’s wildcard was from Offerspill Sjakklubb. Try our custom puzzle set […]
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  • Charity? Non-profit? No profit? September 29, 2022
    A treatise on "business models"We’ve spoken before about Lichess’s ethical stance and how we do “business”. Indeed, at the bottom of this and every other of our blog posts there is a short explanation: Lichess is a charity and entirely free/libre open source software.All operating costs, development, and content are funded solely by user donations. […]
  • Midway Through The World Fischer Random Championship Qualifiers on Lichess September 9, 2022
    With the open and invitational arena stage over, we now move to the first Swiss stages marking the midpoint of the qualifiers on Lichess.At the Swiss stages, eligible players can only take part in the groups they’ve been sorted into. Eligible players and the groups they’ve been sorted into can be found here.All the Swiss […]
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  • Titled Arena Announcement(s) August 29, 2022
    Announcing our schedule for upcoming Titled Arenas!We're pleased to announce a schedule for our upcoming Titled Arenas! All events will be preceded by a warm-up arena open to all players with a minimum of 20 rated games in the relevant time control (excluding 960 warm-up, where the minimum rated games are 10). Prizes unless otherwise […]
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  • Daniel Naroditsky With a Back-to-Back Titled Arena win! August 28, 2022
    Naroditsky with pure domination comes in first, with Minh Le in second and kontraJako in third place behind him.GM Daniel Naroditsky secured himself the first place in this Saturday's Titled Arena with an absolute dominating lead of 26 points to the second place, taken by IM Minh Le. The third place was taken by GM […]
  • FIDE World Fischer Random Championship – Update August 26, 2022
    The halfway mark of the open qualification process for the FIDE World Fischer Random Championships - have you qualified yet?The Lichess paths to qualify into the FIDE World Fischer Random Championship – to be held in Reykjavik from 25 - 30 October later this year – are well underway.-> See if you qualified already.-> Find […]
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  • Play in a Chess World Championship August 18, 2022
    Take part in a World Championship qualifier held on Lichess for free, and take your shot at eternal glory – and part of a $400,000 prize fundLichess announces global entry paths to the FIDE World Fischer Random Finals, with anyone eligible for entry, entirely for free The 2022 edition of the FIDE World Fischer Random […]
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  • Lichess Half-Year Update & New Feature Sneak Preview August 2, 2022
    August is the perfect time for a June update :)As we move into August the Lichess team started to curate the improvements, new features, and work your donations and support has allowed us to do. In only the six months from January to June, we have already accomplished so much this year! Read on to […]
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  • A first time Grandmaster Titled Arena winner and Nakamura's forbidden platform July 25, 2022
    Sometimes arenas can be cruel. The second place score in Saturday’s Bullet Titled Arena would have been enough to win June’s bullet arena by 19 points. Instead, it was enough to lose to IM Minh Le by 24 points. Minh was absolutely dominant, starting out by winning an incredible 22 games in a row. From […]
  • Stockfish vs ChessBase, Round 1 July 22, 2022
    On July 4th this year, after a lot of waiting, Stockfish and Chessbase finally got their first day in court. The battle between the two software makers began when ChessBase released a chess engine called “Fat Fritz 2” that was allegedly a repackaged version of Stockfish. This led to some significant recrimination, including on this […]
  • Candidates Day 14: Nakamura and Ding battle for... possibly nothing? July 5, 2022
    The Candidates Tournament 2022 concluded yesterday with the last round. It was a day full of action and three decisive results out of for. Ian Nepomniachtchi, having already won the tournament, secured a draw and an impressive 9.5/14 overall score. Ding Liren seized the coveted second place spot at the finish line. Nepomniachtchi joins an […]
  • Candidates Day Thirteen: Nepomniachtchi triumphant July 3, 2022
    Credits: Stev Bonhage / FIDE The twelfth round of the Candidates Tournament in Madrid has concluded. Ian Nepomniachtchi clinched his tournament victory today, and will soon play a World Championship match, although his opponent remains to be decided. In clear second place after a victory today is Hikaru Nakamura. He sits a half point ahead […]
  • Candidates Day Twelve: Nepomniachtchi almost home July 2, 2022
    The twelfth round of the Candidates Tournament in Madrid has concluded. Ian Nepomniachtchi has all but mathematically sealed the win in this tournament with an easy draw today. He sits 2 points ahead of the field with 2 rounds remaining. The fight for second place, and the possibility of a hand-me-down World Championship spot from […]
  • Candidates Day Eleven: Hyper-Bullet, the Breakfast of Champions July 1, 2022
    The eleventh round of the Candidates Tournament in Madrid has concluded. Ian Nepomniachtchi extended his lead to an almost insurmountable 1.5 points with 3 rounds remaining by beating Alireza Firouzja, who prepared for the game in an unusual way. Daily, Lichess is providing a broadcast of the games played in real-time. We also have a […]
  • Lichess Celebrates Pride Month June 30, 2022
    On the 28th June 1969, in the early hours of the morning, the New York City Police raided The Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. This single action galvanised the LGBT+ community for decades, and the ripples continue today. The ensuing riots were a pivotal moment in the fight for LGBT+ rights, […]