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  • The Weekly Show: Praggnanandhaa! April 13, 2021
    In his "Weekly Show" IM Lawrence Trent will be taking a look at the finale of the Polgar Challenge which the young Indian talent Praggnanandhaa won convincingly. Lawrence will particularly focus on Praggnanandhaa's nice win against Bjerre in round 13. | Lawrence's show is available on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a […]
  • Addressing Sexism in Chess: A Guide to Making Chess More Inclusive April 13, 2021
    Nature or nurture? Much more men play chess than women and with a rating of 2658 Hou Yifan is the world's number one women player but on the world ranking list she is on place 85. The numbers alone suggest that there is a gender gap in chess. But why? And how should the chess […]
  • Arkady Dvorkovich: "We are absolutely ready to start the Candidates Tournament" April 13, 2021
    13 April 2021, six days before the resumption of the FIDE Candidates Tournament in Yekaterinburg, the FIDE organised a press conference on the FIDE Candidates Tournament in Moscow, at the Rossiyskaya Gazeta Media Center. The speakers answered questions of journalists from all parts of the world, who were attending the event online. A press release […]
  • The Candidates Tournament 2020-21 resumes April 13, 2021
    Probably the Candidates Tournament 2020-21 will go down in history as the longest over-the-board chess tournament of all time. It started on 17 March 2020 and was interrupted for more than a year after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Now, it is scheduled to resume next Monday, 19 April 2021, in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
  • New: Opening Encyclopaedia 2021 April 13, 2021
    The new Opening Encyclopaedia 2021 is a collection of all the opening articles from all the issues of ChessBase Magazine and with more than 1,200 articles it covers the whole range of openings. An enormous treasure trove of ideas and high-level analysis! In the new edition, as usual the number of articles has increased – […]
  • Parham Maghsoodloo leads at Iranian Championship April 13, 2021
    The Iranian National Championship is currently being held in Tehran. 16 mostly young players are competing in a round-robin and after 13 of 15 rounds Elo-favourite Parham Maghsoodloo is leading the field with 12.0/13. But Pouya Idani (11.5/13) is only half a point behind and still has chances to catch the leader. | Photo: David […]
  • Which pawn to take, which way to go? April 13, 2021
    The diagram position is very sharp as both sides have dangerous passed pawns. It's White to move but should White take the pawn on g5 or should White play Rg3+ to win the pawn on h3?
  • A glimpse into the past: the story of a picture April 12, 2021
    On his Twitter account, Scottish chess fan Douglas Griffin regularly publishes historical photos of famous chess players. Photographs that awaken memories and keep them alive, pictures that allow views into the past. On 28 May 2019, Griffin published a photo that shows Max Blümich and Alexander Alekhine playing against each other in the 1941/1942 Krakow/Warsaw […]
  • Impressive Praggnanandhaa wins Polgar Challenge April 12, 2021
    Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu kicked off the final day of action in the Polgar Challenge with three consecutive wins to secure first place with a round to spare. Four players finished 1½ points behind — Nodirbek Abdusattorov, Gukesh D, Nihal Sarin and Volodar Murzin. | Photo: Alina l’Ami
  • Kader-Challenge: Donchenko and Schneider prevail April 11, 2021
    The Kader-Challenge came to an end on Sunday. Draws were seen on all boards in the men’s section. At the top of the table finished Alexander Donchenko, Dmitrij Kollars, Matthias Bluebaum and Daniel Fridman, each with 5½ points, with Donchenko getting tournament victory on tiebreak criteria. Meanwhile, in the women’s tournament, Jana Schneider drew Elisabeth […]
  • Polgar Challenge - Pragg wins! April 11, 2021
    The Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour gives young stars a chance to take centre stage. The Polgar Challenge is one of four challenges in which each player faces all 19 other players once at rapid chess — 10 minutes per player per game, with a 5-second increment after each move. The tournament takes place on […]
  • Understanding before Moving 22: Strong knight vs bad bishop - (2) April 11, 2021
    Herman Grooten is an International Master, a renowned trainer and the author of several highly acclaimed books about chess training and chess strategy. In the 22nd instalment of his ChessBase show "Understanding before Moving", Herman shows another example of a strong knight who fights against a bad bishop. | Photo: Tommy Grooten
  • Trapping the queen April 11, 2021
    It isn't often one sees a game between top programs in which a queen is trapped in the middlegame, but just such a thing happened in a game shared by Peter Grayson. What stood out was how both programs differed on a key juncture, leading him to comment, "Fat Fritz 2 exhibits almost human-like qualities […]
  • Kader-Challenge - Games and results April 11, 2021
    The German Chess Federation is holding two over-the-board classical tournaments — one for men and one for women — on April 5-11. The punultimate rounds in both sections kicked off today, Saturday, at 14:00 CEST. | Follow the games live!
  • Kader-Challenge: Four players share the lead with one round to go April 11, 2021
    Saturday saw the top games of Round 8 — Rasmus Svane v Matthias Bluebaum and Dmitrij Kollars v Alexander Donchenko — ending in draws. Daniel Fridman seized the opportunity, as he managed to catch up with Bluebaum, Kollars and Donchenko with a win over Andreas Heimann. The tournament ends on Sunday with the ninth round […]
  • Polgar Challenge: Pragg leads, Liang has a perfect day April 11, 2021
    Despite losing against Vincent Keymer in the last round of the day, Praggnanandhaa kept the sole lead in the Polgar Challenge for young stars. Nodirbek Abdusattorov also ended the day with a loss and goes into the last four rounds of the event a half point behind the leader. Nihal Sarin and Awonder Liang (pictured) […]
  • The ratings gap and gender: Analyzing U.S. Chess Championships (Part I) April 10, 2021
    In this article, part one of a two-part series, Ashley Yan and Alexey Root compare average ratings in the U.S. Championships and the U.S. Women’s Championships held between 1972 and 2000. The United States Chess Federation’s 20th-century ratings and the gender distribution of its membership is also discussed. | Photo: Chess Life Magazine, November 1984 […]
  • An overburdened defender April 10, 2021
    In the diagram position, Black's strong knight on d5 controls many squares - but that is still not enough to withstand the force of White's attack. It's White to play - how would you attack Black's exposed king?
  • New leading trio at the Kader-Challenge April 10, 2021
    In Round 7 of the Kader-Challenge in Magdeburg, Alexander Donchenko leapfrogged previous leader Rasmus Svane by beating him in their direct encounter. Two players previously equal on points with Donchenko also won their games, so the standings table is now headed by a trio: Matthias Bluebaum, Dmitrij Kollars and Donchenko. In the women’s competition, Jana […]
  • Polgar Challenge: Praggnanandhaa grabs the lead April 10, 2021
    A sole leader has emerged after 10 rounds in the Polgar Challenge for young stars. Praggnanandhaa is leading the standings table on 8½/10, a half point above Nodirbek Abdusattorov and Christopher Yoo. On day 2, Kazakhstani IM Dinara Saduakassova abandoned the competition due to continual issues with her internet connection. | Photo: León Masters
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  • Bortnyk Reigns Supreme April 4, 2021
    With a few of the usual favourites distracted by their streams...After getting third in the last Titled Arena GM Oleksander Bortnyk won the April Blitz Titled Arena - it‘s his third win of a TA! GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov came in second and the mysterious GM Grey_parrot took third place. Fourth was taken by GM Zhamsaran […]
    Lichess Team
  • Lichess OTB Mode (not really) April 1, 2021
    Back to basics?[EDIT - 2/4/2021] We were just kidding! April fools! With so many people kept away from over the board events by the pandemic, we've been doing our best to fill the gap. But something, something is missing from that true OTB experience. A few things actually. As such, we have decided to implement […]
  • Andrew Tang holds off Magnus, wins March Bullet Titled Arena. March 22, 2021
    GM Andrew Tang won the Lichess Titled Arena on Saturday, holding off a strong challenge from World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen. It was his third Titled Arena victory including many other finishes among the top spots. Third place was taken by GM Oleksander Bortnyk, fourth by IM Vincent Rothuis and fifth by GM David Paravyan. […]
  • New feature: Puzzle Racer March 19, 2021
    Competitive Puzzle Storm is here, see you on the race-track!Play Puzzle Racer here! Recently we released Puzzle Storm, Lichess's timed puzzle feature and it was reasonably popular, with around 7.5 million completed runs since release, and that doesn't even count all the early restarts! Now, we're pleased to announce a follow-up feature, competitive Puzzle Storm: […]
  • First Russian-only Titled Arena won by Vladimir Fedoseev March 7, 2021
    Calm down everybody, the title is a joke, Russians weren’t the only ones allowed to play in Saturday's Titled Arena, just the only ones allowed to finish at the top. This also wasn’t enforced by a formal rule of the competition but instead by the quality of the Russian players. The top 3 finishers, and […]
  • Alireza wins a 13th Titled Arena. February 23, 2021
    Another dominant victory.GM Alireza Firouzja won his 13th Titled Arena on Saturday, bringing him almost even with the record 14 won by GM Magnus Carlsen. (EDITORS NOTE: Upon further review, it seems Magnus has actually won 15 Titled Arenas.) Firouzja was quickly among the leaders and eventually pulled away, finishing in 1st by a comfortable […]
  • Stockfish 13 NNUE on Lichess February 22, 2021
    The latest release of the strong open source engine is now available in your browser!We congratulate the Stockfish developers for their latest release, Stockfish 13. Check out the release announcement for details. Client-side analysis Securely running programs like Stockfish in your browser requires them to be ported to JavaScript and/or WebAssembly (WASM). Previously this would […]
  • Fat Fritz 2 is a rip-off February 18, 2021
    An important message from open source chess organizations. A few days ago, ChessBase released Fat Fritz 2, described on their website as the “new number 1” chess engine “with a massive new neural network, trained by Albert Silver with the original Fat Fritz.” They advertise Fat Fritz 2 as using novel strong ideas compared to […]
    The Stockfish, Leela Chess Zero and Lichess teams
  • Shamsiddin Wins Variant Titled Arena. February 7, 2021
    Not Chess, not exactly, but close.Here at Lichess, we like to occasionally throw a bone to one of the strange subcultures that play versions of chess distinct from what we’re all used to. Even if you’re not a fan of their odd form of the game, even if their game may seem totally counter to […]
  • Puzzlers on the Storm January 27, 2021
    More puzzling, more fasterIt gives us great pride to announce the arrival of Puzzle Storm; a timed puzzle feature that prompts the user to solve puzzles with increasing difficulty as quickly as possible. Give it a try here. The setup is fairly simple, you are given puzzles to solve and 3 minutes on the clock. […]
  • Some Puzzling Analysis January 18, 2021
    A quick look at how the new puzzle system is going!The new puzzle system has been live for almost a month now and we wanted to take stock with a quick analysis, as well as introduce a new feature! Puzzle Dashboard On the new Puzzle Dashboard you can see your strengths and weaknesses, as well […]
  • Daniel Naroditsky wins the first Bullet TA of the year January 17, 2021
    ...and for (surprisingly) only his second time!After having won his first Titled Arena last November and getting on the podium 9 times before, GM Daniel Naroditsky (@RebeccaHarris) won his second Titled Arena. Second place was taken by IM Toivo Keinanen (@toivok3). Anonymous GM @Grey_parrot got third with a phenomenal performance of 3143. Another anonymous GM […]
    Lichess Team
  • Introducing Maia, a human-like neural network chess engine January 16, 2021
    A guest post from the Maia TeamWe're happy to announce Maia, a human-like neural network chess engine that was 100% trained on Lichess games. Maia is an engine built in the style of Leela that learns from human games instead of self-play games, with the goal of making human-like moves instead of optimal moves. In […]
    Ashton Anderson (@ashtonanderson), Reid McIlroy (@reidmcy), Siddhartha Sen (@sidsen), Jon Kleinberg
  • Return of the GMs January 3, 2021
    Grandmaster Oleksandr Bortnyk won the first Titled Arena of the new year on Saturday, and his second Titled Arena ever after winning one last August. Like his last victory, this event proved to be an extremely close affair with only 5 points separating 2nd and 3rd place from the leader. The 15+ point gap between […]
  • Lichess End of Year Update 2020 December 31, 2020
    Keep on keeping on.It's safe to say that everyone will remember 2020 for the foreseeable future, and mostly not for pleasant reasons. The global pandemic has affected us all significantly, and we are certainly wishing everyone a much better 2021! Still, at the end of the year it's important to take stock and be grateful […]
  • New Puzzles are here! December 24, 2020
    The wait is over.It is with great pride that Lichess is finally able to announce our new puzzle system. Give it a try here.   The New Puzzle Set The new puzzle system uses an entirely new puzzle set generated from games played on the site. It was made with Stockfish 12 NNUE using 40 […]
  • Titled Arena Announcement(s) December 22, 2020
    Announcing our schedule for upcoming Titled Arenas!We're pleased to announce a schedule for our upcoming Titled Arenas! All events will be preceded by a warm-up arena open to all players with a minimum of 20 rated games in the relevant time control and variant. Prizes unless otherwise stated: 1. $ 500, 2. $ 250, 3. […]
    Lichess Team
  • 2020 Crazyhouse World Championship Grand Final December 21, 2020
    A titanic confrontation.The Grand Final of the 2020 Crazyhouse World Championship organised by JannLee with a $2000 prize fund is upon us! It takes place over 3 days: Tuesday 22nd, Monday 28th & Wednesday 30th December at 20:00UTC. The Challenger Jasugi99, NM Janak Awatramani from Canada, was the runner-up to JannLee in 2017 under his […]
  • Grandmasters are overrated December 20, 2020
    Revenge of the under-titled.On Saturday IM Minh Le won his second straight Titled Arena. He added a bullet Titled arena victory to his Blitz Titled Arena victory from 2 week ago. This was his third Titled Arena victory overall among many other finishes in the top spots. There is a long tradition of IMs performing […]
  • Stockfish 12 on Lichess December 17, 2020
    Shorter waits for stronger analysisThree months after its groundbreaking release, Stockfish 12 (or rather the current development version of Stockfish 13) is finally available on Lichess, for both server and client side analysis. If you’re not interested in all the technical details, here’s a short summary: Stockfish 12 NNUE is more than 100 Elo stronger […]
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  • Magnus Carlsen to commentate on the Candidates April 13, 2021
    World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen will commentate on the event that decides his next challenger when the FIDE Candidates Tournament finally resumes with Round 8 in Yekaterinburg, Russia on Monday April 19th. For Rounds 8-10, Magnus will be joined by Tania Sachdev and David Howell, while for the last four rounds Judit Polgar will team […]
  • Praggnanandhaa powers into Champions Chess Tour April 11, 2021
    15-year-old Indian prodigy Praggnanandhaa has won the Polgar Challenge with a round to spare to earn $3,000 and a place in the 5th leg of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, where he’s likely to face World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen in less than two weeks’ time. In the end Pragg’s 3.5/4 on the final day […]
  • Polgar Challenge Day 3: The battle heats up April 10, 2021
    Praggnanandhaa leads Nodirbek Abdusattorov by half a point with one day of the Polgar Challenge to go, with the two stars set to meet in the 19th and final round on Sunday. That clash may well decide the fate of the wildcard to the next Meltwater Champions Chess Tour event, but both players losing in […]
  • Polgar Challenge Day 2: Pragg snatches sole lead April 9, 2021
    Praggnanandhaa continued his march on Day 2 of the Polgar Challenge as he racked up 8 wins in a row to take the sole lead on 8.5/10. The last of the wins was a formality, as Dinara Saduakassova unfortunately had to drop out due to internet issues, but that didn’t stop her Team Kramnik matching […]
  • Polgar Challenge Day 1: Praggnanandhaa storms back to lead April 9, 2021
    15-year-old Praggnanandhaa stormed back from a 1st round loss to Volodar Murzin to win his next four games and lead after Day 1 of the Polgar Challenge, the 1st event on the $100,000 Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour. He’s joined on 4/5 by the only unbeaten players, 14-year-old Christopher Yoo and 16-year-old Nodirbek Abdusattorov. All […]
  • Karjakin: 'The competition is now much greater' April 7, 2021
    31-year-old Sergey Karjakin currently finds himself 16th on the world rankings and in a recent interview for RIA Novosti would only commit to playing on until the age of 35. The Russian former World Chess Championship Challenger explained that getting into or remaining in the world’s Top 10 is much more difficult than it was […]
  • Kramnik & Polgar reveal Challengers Chess Tour line-ups April 5, 2021
    14th World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik and all-time women’s no. 1 Judit Polgar captain 20 young stars as the $100,000 Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour starts this Thursday with the Polgar Challenge. The likes of Praggnanandhaa, Nihal Sarin, Carissa Yip and Zhansaya Abdumalik will compete in a series of 4-day rapid events on chess24, with […]
  • Checkmates in Disreputable Openings April 3, 2021
    In top level chess, dubious openings will generally lead only to your own pain and suffering, but at less exalted levels they can be a great way to catch out unwary opponents. In this week’s crop of checkmates, Sean Marsh takes a look at some quick finishes arising from openings as diverse as the Blackburne […]
  • Kramnik calls cheating ‘a loser’s mentality’ April 2, 2021
    Ok, it’s time to confess! Although Vladimir Kramnik did advise the young participants of the Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour not to flag their opponents, he never called it the mentality of a loser. That was an April Fool’s edit… What he did warn the players against was cheating in their games by using engine […]
  • 16-year-old Keymer stars as Deizisau win Euro Club Cup April 1, 2021
    Vincent Keymer posted a 2812 performance as German club Deizisau won the 1st ever European Online Chess Club Cup ahead of Clichy from France and Mednyi Vsadnik from Russia. Keymer’s colleague Georg Meier posted an even better 2896 performance, though it didn’t count towards board prizes as he didn’t play the required 7 games. Jan-Krzysztof […]
  • Vladimir Kramnik calls flagging ‘a loser’s mentality’ April 1, 2021
    14th World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik has hit out at players trying to win games on time by “flagging” their opponents, calling it “a loser’s mentality”. “Try to win a game because you are better than your opponent - that is the only thing which gives satisfaction,” said Vladimir in a meeting with the young […]
  • Gambit Buffet: 16 Great Gambit Games March 31, 2021
    When did you last attend a buffet? It has certainly been a while. Chess players tend to behave well at buffets, because they know the buffet rules: 'touch move' and 'touch take.' Until we can attend standard buffets again, you may be interested in a brand new and very special Gambit Buffet which has just […]
  • Premium only: It's voting time again - your chance to decide who plays March 31, 2021
    chess24 is giving you another chance to have a say on who plays in the next Meltwater Champions Chess Tour event. We've got a stellar line-up but it's YOU, our Premium members, who make the final decision.
  • Favourites Baden-Baden crash out of Euro Club Cup March 30, 2021
    Maxime Vachier-Lagrave was unable to help Baden-Baden as the top seeds for the European Online Club Cup finished bottom of their playoff group. The 90 teams that began the event have been reduced to 9 (joined by women’s champions Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo) for the final today and tomorrow, after three days of frenetic […]
  • Cheating scandal hits FIDE World Online University Championships March 28, 2021
    Iulija Osmak scored 4.5/5 in the final of the Women’s Rapid section of the 1st FIDE World University Online Chess Championship, but her score has now been changed to 0/5, with Julia Antolak declared the winner. 23-year-old Osmak, the 2017 Ukrainian Women’s Champion, says she was disqualified based on a statistical analysis of her five […]