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  • Game of the Week: Carlsen vs Ding Liren August 12, 2020
    In his "Game of the Week" show Merijn van Delft takes a look at a game in which Magnus Carlsen once again showed his phenomenal class against Ding Liren in the finals of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour. | Merijn's show is freely available at 15.00 UTC (17:00 CEST, 11:00 EDT) for a limited time, […]
  • Magnus Carlsen Tour Finals: Live! August 12, 2020
    The Finals of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour are taking place on August 9-20, with a prize fund of US$300,000 at stake and US$140,000 reserved for the winner. Hikaru Nakamura already moved on to the final, while Carlsen has a 2:1 advantage over Ding Liren (see the full report on Day 3!). Action kicks off […]
  • A trendy system against the King's Indian August 12, 2020
    With 5.h3 and 6.Be3 Fabiano Caruana hat set a new trend against the King's Indian. "A challenging positional setup, which has the further advantage of still being relatively fresh, uncharted and not overanalysed yet", writes Igor Stohl in ChessBase Magazine #196 - the current issue. In his article about this promising setup Stohl explains, among […]
  • Vladislav Tarasiuk: Portrait of a composer August 12, 2020
    Vladislav Tarasiuk is known as an immunologist in medical circles in Kharkov, Ukraine. However, the chess world knows him as a composer. Recently Tarasiuk authored an endgame study, Noah’s Ark, and aptly dedicated it to the Health workers and medical professionals combating the pandemic all over the world. In an interview with Tarasiuk, our columnist […]
  • MCT Finals: Nakamura knocks out Dubov August 12, 2020
    Hikaru Nakamura needed only three sets to knock out Daniil Dubov in their best-of-5 semifinal match. ‘Naka’ will get two rest days before the final, where he will face either Ding Liren or Carlsen, with the latter now the favourite to advance after scoring a second consecutive 2½:½ victory over his Chinese colleague. | Photo: […]
  • Polish Women's Championship: Kulon loses but keeps the lead August 11, 2020
    In round 7 of the Polish Women's Championship tournament leader Klaudia Kulon lost with Black against Patrycja Waszczuk. It was Kulon's first loss but she still has good chances to win the Championship. With two rounds to go Kulon leads with 5½/7 and is one full point ahead of Karina Cyfka who is sole second […]
  • An interview with Anna Muzychuk August 11, 2020
    Anna Muzychuk is not only one of the best chess players in the world, she is also very charming. A short time before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic she visited the ChessBase office in Hamburg with Elisabeth Pähtz to record a video about the Taimanov Variation but also found time for a short interview […]
  • On Playchess: Azerbaijan beats Turkey 26:10 August 11, 2020
    The friendly six-round match on the Playchess server between Turkey and Azerbaijan to prepare for the Online Olympiad ended yesterday, August 10. In the Online Olympiad Azerbaijan is seeded in the "Top Division", while Turkey will start in "Division 2", and in the match the Azerbaijanis also had the better of it: they won 26:10. […]
  • The right path into the fortress August 11, 2020
    Due to the colour blindness of the bishop there are often fortresses in pure endgames. In the following case White can either reach the saving corner h1 or Ponziani's old fortress.
  • MCT Finals: Nakamura strikes again, Carlsen bounces back August 11, 2020
    Hikaru Nakamura defeated Daniil Dubov for a second set in a row, which means he only needs one more win in the coming three days to move on to the final of the Magnus Carlsen Tour closing event. Meanwhile, Carlsen evened the score in his matchup against Ding Liren by scoring a clear 2½:½ victory […]
  • John Hilbert on Edward Winter’s Chess Notes August 10, 2020
    Earlier this year, Edward Winter announced the curtailment of Chess Notes, which began nearly 40 years ago. Now, the United States’ leading chess historian, John Hilbert, has written an extensive assessment of Chess Notes, reflecting on the range and depth of material published and picking out many of his favourite articles. They cover almost every […]
  • Polish Women's Championship: Kulon stays on course August 10, 2020
    Six rounds have been played at the Polish Women's Championship in Ostrów Wielkopolski, and with 5.5/6 International Master Klaudia Kulon has a comfortable 1.5 point lead over Karina Cyfka. Another half point behind follows Monika Socko with 3.5/6. | Photos: Szymon Pieczewski (Polish Chess Federation)
  • Ian Gillan (Deep Purple): "Chess is great for your mind!" August 10, 2020
    Ian Gillan is the singer of the legendary rock band "Deep Purple" which recently released their 21st album, called "Whoosh!". In an interview with the German newspaper "Lübecker Nachrichten", Gillan, who will turn 75 on August 19, 2020, revealed his passion for chess.
  • Your Spanish is Fab! Part 3 August 10, 2020
    All eyes were on the Candidates 2020, which was to determine the next challenger for Carlsen's World Championship. The top seed of the tournament, Fabiano Caruana, also has the unique distinction of publishing most of his findings on one of the most complex openings, the Spanish, in a 16 hour 3 DVD package for ChessBase. […]
  • MCT Finals: Ding impresses, beats Carlsen August 10, 2020
    Ding Liren and Hikaru Nakamura kicked off the semis of the Magnus Carlsen Tour closing tournament with impressive wins. Ding defeated world champion Magnus Carlsen in Armageddon, while Nakamura also reached the tiebreaks against Daniil Dubov but managed to secure victory without needing to play a sudden-death decider. | Photo: Lennart Ootes
  • The Best In - The Bahamas August 9, 2020
    We started our "The Best In..." series in Armenia and now move on to the Bahamas. Polina Karelina, one of the best players and the best female player of the Bahamas, talks about her passion for chess, the Polgar sisters, and the chess scene on the Bahamas. | Photo: Paul Truong
  • Grandmaster Chef: Viswanathan Anand August 8, 2020
    Grandmaster Viswanathan “Vishy” Anand was World Chess Champion from 2000-2002 (FIDE) and 2007-2013. To show appreciation for Anand, National Master Mike Walder provides a recipe for a dish that Anand likes and an analysis of one of Anand’s wins. WIM Alexey Root tells why Anand is a Grandmaster Chef honoree. | Photo: Lennart Ootes
  • Giants of Modern Studies - Steffen Nielsen Part III August 8, 2020
    In this third part about the life and work of the prominent study composer Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen, we will get to know the person. So what follows next will give you an insightful peek into the mind of a composer, how he thinks and works. It will also give you a perspective of different styles […]
  • Power Play Show: Nepomniachtchi attacks August 7, 2020
    In this Power Play Show, Grandmaster Daniel King looks at a problem that Paul Keres composed when he was just 19 years old, but the main focus of the show will be on on a remarkable game by Ian Nepomniachtchi against Ding Liren in the Legends of Chess online tournament. A Scotch was played in […]
  • Getting the most out of ChessBase 15: a step-by-step guide #10 – Cloud Databases August 7, 2020
    One of the biggest computing innovations of the last decade is the advent of "The Cloud". ChessBase has utilised Cloud features into its software with astonishing effect. To help you take full advantage of all that these features have to offer, this week, Nick Murphy takes you step by step through Cloud Databases features of […]
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  • A Marathon Event August 2, 2020
    A summary of the Summer Marathon with a little analysis.Yesterday, on August 1st, Lichess held its quarterly marathon tournament - a 24 hour event among the largest in online chess. This edition was at the 1+0 bullet time control, and boasted 20,703 entrants, with 18,488 players playing 445,635 games and 31,222,745 moves. It was also […]
    Lichess Team
  • An increasingly common occurrence July 12, 2020
    Alireza notches up another TA winIt was only a mere two years ago when a young International Master played in his first Titled Arena ever. While already a force to be reckoned with (He placed 7th in that arena and secured his final GM norm one month later!), few could confidently predict the meteoric rise […]
    NM @DragonMaterz
  • A Commanding Performance June 28, 2020
    Alireza takes home another gold for his collectionThis month's bullet Titled Arena saw over 600 players battling it out for their share of the $1k prize pool, but more importantly the bragging rights of being the TA Champion for a month. The usual suspects lined up, but after strong starts from GM Inventing_invention and GM […]
    Lichess Team
  • Lichess Turns 10 Today! June 20, 2020
    Join us for your complimentary cake and chess tournament!Today (June 20th, 2020) marks a special day for Lichess - we have officially reached the double-digits! Well on our way to the terrible teens, we'll hopefully skip the more awkward and grumpy stages most teenagers go through. To celebrate, please enjoy this complimentary cake (feel free […]
  • GM Ivanchuk v GM Kamsky June 19, 2020
    Fiona's Fight Night continues - with two more chess legends facing off across 16 blitz gamesTwo titans who have been leading players since the 80s collide tomorrow, Saturday 20 June at 8pm CEST / 2pm ET, streamed from WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni's Twitch channel. Vasyl Ivanchuk has been a leading chess player since the late eighties, […]
  • GM Rauf Mamedov Wins Strange Chess Tournament With All the Pieces on the Wrong Squares. June 15, 2020
    Sorry about that...Running a website often requires you to swallow your pride. Having everything working perfectly simply isn’t an option; you only get to decide in what order you put your finite supply of band-aids on your infinite supply of problems. To our great embarrassment, at the start of yesterday’s Titled Arena, there was a […]
  • Black Lives Matter June 7, 2020
    Support equality.The Lichess team stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and supports the ongoing protests against police brutality in the United States and globally. We will continue working to build an open and inclusive community through chess. We understand that this is a very small action but hope that these small actions, together with […]
    Lichess Team
  • Konevlad vs. Mamedyarov June 2, 2020
    Titans collideRecently an unidentified player has been producing some very strong performances among very strong players in Lichess events. First, they took 3rd in the Bullet Titled Arena in April behind  Magnus Carlsen and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. Then, after stumbling a bit and finishing 6th in the Blitz Titled Arena, they rebounded strongly to win the […]
  • Streamer Team Battle! May 25, 2020
    Join us for a new streamer's battle!We are pleased to announce another edition to begin on Sunday 7th June at 19:00 UTC. The rules are as follows: It's an arena format event - complete with berserking and streaks You join the Battle under the banner of a specific Team You play against members of all […]
    Lichess Team
  • Who is GM Konevlad? May 24, 2020
    Mystery GM takes home the gold in May's Titled ArenaSpeculation was rife in this month's Titled Arena as to the identity of GM @Konevlad, only fuelled by their stellar performance. All we can confirm is that they are still not the basketball player, with suggestions in various chats of their identity being Vladimir Kramnik, Alexander […]
    Lichess Team
  • FIDE announces "Checkmate Coronavirus" Prize Arenas May 22, 2020
    Running until 16 June, FIDE initiative raffles 1500 prizes based on participation in official FIDE arenas“FIDE is pleased to launch the Checkmate Coronavirus project which I hope will attract more people to our game.” FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich commented as the first events began on partner sites, including on Lichess.  Any user playing in these […]
    Lichess Team
  • Grischuk topples Kramnik to win Play for Russia Charity Tournament May 14, 2020
    A rollercoaster event with the ultimate winner being charity - 24,670,000 roubles raised to aid the battle with coronavirusThe Play for Russia Charity Tournament, played on, ended today with a determined Grischuk overcoming first Kramnik and then Tomashevsky to win the event.  Initially facing Vladimir Kramnik, Alexander Grischuk seemed to have his work cut […]
    Lichess Team
  • Grischuk leads; Kramnik chases - Day 1 Recap May 13, 2020
    Grischuk takes the lead on day one, but Kramnik is hot on his heelsThe first day of the Play for Russia charity event left chess fans spoilt for choice, with firework matches like Grischuk v Riazantsev, to classic match ups like Kramnik v Svidler. English commentary for the entire day's play was provided from Lichess' […]
    Lichess Team
  • Kramnik on Fire in Day 2 May 13, 2020
    Kramnik, Svidler, Tomashevsky and Grischuk through to semifinals, to be played tomorrow on lichess.orgA hugely eventful day for the Play for Russia charity blitz event where Kramnik overtook Grischuk to win the double round-robin overall with a dominating 10.5 / 14, winning five of his seven encounters in today's leg.  Tomorrow, the four best performers […]
    Lichess Team
  • Play for Russia tournament: 12 - 14 May May 11, 2020
    Some of the strongest Russian chess players and legends to battle it out on over three days of blitz. Kramnik, Nepomniachtchi, Grischuk, Karjakin, Svidler, Tomashevsky, Inarkiev and Riazantsev will all be playing a charity blitz tournament on from 12 - 14 May. The pairings for the first two days (a double round-robin) has […]
    Lichess Team
  • Berserkers Blast Rivals May 10, 2020
    Vladimir Fedoseev (@Feokl1995) found victory in the biggest and one of the most ferociously fought Lichess Titled Arenas to date.1,160 titled players battled it out over three hours of blitz action - at a 3+0 time control.  Many of the world’s top players played the event, with GM Anish Giri streaming the event for the […]
    Lichess Team
  • A New Streamer Team Battle Champion May 2, 2020
    Andrew Tang's fan club overthrows the reigning champions Crestbook!In this fourth edition of the Streamer Team Battle, we saw a few new challengers and a few familiar teams battle it out in the 7,000+ player event. It was hard fought and to start with it seemed that Crestbook would run away with their third victory […]
    Lichess Team
  • Super-GM Charity Tournament to be held on 12 - 14 May May 1, 2020
    The “Play for Russia” Charity Tournament sees some of Russia’s strongest players raise money for hospitals and health workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Eight of Russia's strongest players will compete against each-other in a blitz double round-robin, hosted by The charity event aims to raise funds which will be equally shared and distributed among […]
    Lichess Team
  • Titled Arena Announcement(s) April 28, 2020
    Announcing our schedule for upcoming Titled Arenas!We're pleased to announce a schedule for our upcoming Titled Arenas! All events will be preceded by a warm-up arena open to all players with a minimum of 20 rated games in the relevant time control and variant. Prizes unless otherwise stated: 1. $ 500, 2. $ 250, 3. […]
    Lichess Team
  • Star-Studded Struggle Sees Supremacy Secured April 25, 2020
    Served up with superb Sasha stream!Magnus Carlsen clinched first place in the last minutes of the thrilling April Titled Arena, in what must have been one of the most competitive to date.  1,093 FIDE titled players battled it out over two hours of bullet action, including many of the best players in the world. GM […]
    Lichess Team
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  • MCCT Finals 3: Nakamura sweeps Dubov 3:0 August 12, 2020
    Hikaru Nakamura reached the final of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour with two days to spare after scoring a 3:0 clean sweep over Daniil Dubov. Hikaru credited his ability to play more accurately in “slow” positions, “which works against everyone except one guy, unfortunately”. “He-who-must-not-be-named” is Magnus Carlsen, who is now just one set away […]
  • Tani Adewumi on Magnus Carlsen, #ImpactChess and... Curly-Wurly candy August 11, 2020
    Chess changes lives - and none more so than nine-year-old Tanitoluwa Adewumi. Tani, who readers may remember hit the headlines last year, is a shining example of how our game is capable of transforming fortunes in every sense. His cross-continent triumph against adversity story is both heartwarming and, despite his young age, inspirational.This is why […]
  • MCCT Finals 2: Naka close as Magnus hits back August 10, 2020
    Hikaru Nakamura took a giant step towards reaching the final of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour after beating Daniil Dubov 3:1 on Day 2 to take a 2:0 lead. He now needs just one more win to clinch the match. In the other semi-final Magnus Carlsen bounced back to beat Ding Liren and level the […]
  • MCCT Finals 1: Ding Liren shocks Carlsen August 10, 2020
    Ding Liren beat Magnus Carlsen in Armageddon as the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals benefiting Kiva got off to the most explosive start possible. Ding put his struggles in the chess24 Legends of Chess behind him while Hikaru Nakamura and Daniil Dubov played out a match that was every bit as exciting as their Lindores […]
  • How chess24 moved quickly when chess faced COVID checkmate: Story of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour August 9, 2020
    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and lockdowns started around the world, the timing couldn’t have been worse for chess. The game’s top stars - barring Magnus Carlsen, of course - were deep in competition at the Candidates, the flagship final play-off to find the next World Championship challenger.
  • Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals set to begin August 8, 2020
    Magnus Carlsen, Ding Liren, Hikaru Nakamura and Daniil Dubov begin battle this Sunday for the highest ever prize in online chess. The best of five sets semi-finals of the $1 million Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour see Carlsen take on Ding Liren while Nakamura plays Dubov, before the winners compete in a best of seven sets […]
  • FantasyChess contest for MCCT Finals! August 7, 2020
    Make your picks for our semifinals contest for the Tour Finals before play begins on August 9th!
  • Q&A with Chess Legend Boris Gelfand August 7, 2020
    At 52, Boris Gelfand was the oldest of the legends in the chess24 Legends of Chess, but he was also one of the most successful. He started and ended well, beating not just fellow legends Vasyl Ivanchuk and Peter Leko, but Top 5 players Ding Liren and Ian Nepomniachtchi. On Saturday 8th August he's going […]
  • Magnus Carlsen to stream simul live August 6, 2020
    Today World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, fresh from winning the chess24 Legends of Chess, will play a simul against chess24 users who recently took up a special 2-year Premium Membership offer. Magnus will stream live as he plays and there may be time for some questions, which you can ask in the comments below this […]
  • Q&A with Chinese no. 1 Ding Liren August 5, 2020
    Chinese no. 1 and world no. 3 Ding Liren had a difficult chess24 Legends of Chess, but reaching three semi-finals in the other events on the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour means he plays in the finals that start on Sunday! chess24 Premium members now have a chance to ask Ding Liren a question for his […]
  • Magnus Carlsen wins chess24 Legends of Chess August 4, 2020
    World Champion Magnus Carlsen was barely troubled as he beat Ian Nepomniachtchi 2.5:0.5 to clinch the $45,000 top prize in the chess24 Legends of Chess with a day to spare. Magnus has now won three out of four of the events on his Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour, which meant that Hikaru Nakamura and Ding Liren […]
  • chess24 Legends 13: Magnus leads after fierce fight August 4, 2020
    Magnus Carlsen took the lead against Ian Nepomniachtchi on Day 1 of the chess24 Legends of Chess final, but described himself as “really, really unhappy” with the way he played. It was a bruising day on which Magnus couldn’t enjoy his win in the first game since he felt he’d made an “unforgivable” blunder midway […]
  • chess24 Legends 12: It’s a Nepo vs. Carlsen final! August 3, 2020
    Ian Nepomniachtchi will play the chess24 Legends of Chess final against Magnus Carlsen after beating Anish Giri in a tense match that went to blitz tiebreakers. Nepo, who said he’d wanted to break things in his house after losing the day before, admitted he was in trouble in almost all the games but broke through […]
  • Anatoly Karpov: 12th World Chess Champion August 2, 2020
    Anatoly Karpov was the undisputed World Chess Champion for the decade from 1975-1985 and held the FIDE title for another six years after the chess world split in 1993. Now 69, he remains an active player and would have played in the strong classical Tepe Sigeman Chess Tournament this year if not for the virus […]
  • chess24 Legends 11: Carlsen in final | Giri hits back August 2, 2020
    Magnus Carlsen garnered high praise from Garry Kasparov for combining the best of Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov and himself/Mikhail Botvinnik as the current World Champion reached his 3rd final in 4 events on the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour. Magnus brushed Peter Svidler aside 2.5:0.5 for a 2nd day in a row. In the other clash […]