How To Learn Chess

Step-By-Step Proven Method

  • Step 01: Read about the history of chess and its benefits.
  • Step 02: Learn the rules of chess.
  • Step 03: Learn the basic concepts of chess and its coordinates.
  • Step 04: Learn and practice the tactical and positional motifs of chess.
  • Step 05: Learn the common endgame positions in chess.
  • Step 06: Learn the basic first moves of every popular opening in chess.
  • Step 07: Learn the common opening traps in chess.
  • Step 08: Build an opening repertoire that suits your playing style.
  • Step 09: Familiarize yourself with all openings including the uncommon ones.
  • Step 10: Practice chess on daily basis and boost your skills with the tasks mentioned below.

Important Tasks To Boost Your Skills In Chess

  • Solve chess puzzles regularly or everyday if possible.
  • Invest in premium chess courses to improve your skills, tactics, and strategies.
  • Play regularly against other players and analyze thoroughly your games with the best chess engines.
  • Watch the top chess tournaments and learn from the masters.
  • Join offline and online tournaments.
  • Book private one-on-one chess lessons with a reputable master.

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